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  • Tuscan Brick wall with Roses
  • Villa Boucquillon
  • Incredible views from Positano
  • Villa Barbara
  • Villa Imprunetta
  • To dream of Tuscany
  • Villa Prat 2
  • Villa Castel
To dream of Tuscany

Italian Holiday Rental Villas And Accommodation In Italy

Once upon a time, an Australian girl moved to Italy in search of ‘ la dolce vita’ (the sweet life). She fell in love with Tuscany and the Italian way of life - all the little things, the flavours and scents, the noises and habits of a country and people rich in traditions, who knew how to live a good simple life. This new life filled her with joy and she decided to share it with fellow travellers and experience seekers and so started a collection of Italian villa rentals called Ciao Italy Villas.


In 2015, Ciao Italy Villas became CIT Villas, owned and run by Peter & Kate Newsom, a family team who, with the same passion for sharing travel experiences, continue to grow and showcase the very best collection of Italian villas and travel experiences available to travellers from Australia and around the world.

Peter & Kate

Peter & Kate

  • We lived in England for 10 years, because of the proximity we had the opportunity to travel many countries. One of our highlights would be our stay at...

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  • Villa Milena is a big villa that offers a great view of the sea and of the country. It is near the beach and the town and has impeccable services such...

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  • Villa Delizia is a beautiful home with antiquated furniture. It holds that quiet Tuscan charm that I truly love. However, what’s really special abou...

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  • Nothing can compare to the experience me and my friends had at Apartment Anna last month. We really had a blast. The place was just perfect to hide fr...

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  • Villa Volante was a perfect place to stay to enjoy the splendour of beautiful Tuscany. It is exceptionally well situated as it is between Pisa, Floren...

    Villa Volante - Florence
  • We had our farewell party at Villa Angiola last week with my friends from high school. A lot of them are studying somewhere else. Thus, we have decide...

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  • Located in the lovely town of Lucca, you will discover villa Nizzalle. We stayed there last summer and the place is simply glorious. It is surprisingl...

    Villa Nizzalle - Lucca
  • The thing that I love most about Apartment Ginestrella, aside from its amazing decorations and furniture, is the strategic location of the place. When...

    Apartment Ginestrella - Arezzo
  • I love outdoor swimming pools. Thus, even if I had lots of choices on a place where we can stay in Arezzo, I still chose Farmhouse Il Terrazzo. I fell...

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  • Thanks so much for sending the pictures! I keep telling our friend & family what a great time we had staying at your place.It's so beautiful and I can...

    Villa Artisti - Siena