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  • Tuscan Brick wall with Roses
  • Villa Boucquillon
  • Incredible views from Positano
  • Villa Barbara
  • Villa Imprunetta
  • To dream of Tuscany
  • Villa Prat 2
  • Villa Castel
To dream of Tuscany

Italian Holiday Rental Villas And Accommodation In Italy

Once upon a time, an Australian girl moved to Italy in search of ‘ la dolce vita’ (the sweet life). She fell in love with Tuscany and the Italian way of life - all the little things, the flavours and scents, the noises and habits of a country and people rich in traditions, who knew how to live a good simple life. This new life filled her with joy and she decided to share it with fellow travellers and experience seekers and so started a collection of Italian villa rentals called Ciao Italy Villas.


In 2015, Ciao Italy Villas became CIT Villas, owned and run by Peter & Kate Newsom, a family team who, with the same passion for sharing travel experiences, continue to grow and showcase the very best collection of Italian villas and travel experiences available to travellers from Australia and around the world.

Peter & Kate

Peter & Kate

  • We lived in England for 10 years, because of the proximity we had the opportunity to travel many countries. One of our highlights would be our stay at...

    - None
  • Located at the Marina in Lucca, we found this hidden gem named villa Allegria. It was a simple Tuscan house that is just a walking distance from the s...

    Villa Allegria - Lucca
  • Our family spent a beautiful holiday in Tuscany just last summer and we stayed at Villa Capricia. It was a huge place that was perfect for us since we...

    Villa Capricia - Lucca
  • Hello Sarah, We had a great time at the villa and the host was a wonderful person. The cooks out did themselves and the view was wonderful! We real...

    Sonia & Ray.
    Villa Monte 2 - Arezzo
  • Villa Ginestrina was wonderfully rustic and charming. This is where my boyfriend and I stayed for a week and we have enjoyed every minute of it. It is...

    Villa Ginestrina - Lucca
  • "Thank you so much for a lovely week. The villa is beautiful and the view is even better. Our meals with the chef were also fantastic ! The week seeme...

    - None
  • Thank you so much for opening and sharing your home with me and my friends I'll always treasure these memories, with love Athina, USA...

    - None
  • Hi Sarah, We are at Villa Borgianni . Just wanted to tell you it is stunning, perfect and being an architect, I can't believe how lucky we are to stay...

    Villa Borgianni - Siena
  • The villa had traditional Tuscan design, equipped with the things we needed for the most convenient stay. The rooms and bathrooms were neat and spacio...

    - None
  • We really had a great time during our stay at Villa Ruffo. The four clean and spacious bedrooms were perfect for me and my husband, including our two...

    Villa Ruffo - Lucca