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To dream of Tuscany

Italian Holiday Rental Villas And Accommodation In Italy

Once upon a time, an Australian girl moved to Italy in search of ‘ la dolce vita’ (the sweet life). She fell in love with Tuscany and the Italian way of life - all the little things, the flavours and scents, the noises and habits of a country and people rich in traditions, who knew how to live a good simple life. This new life filled her with joy and she decided to share it with fellow travellers and experience seekers and so started a collection of Italian villa rentals called Ciao Italy Villas.


In 2015, Ciao Italy Villas became CIT Villas, owned and run by Peter & Kate Newsom, a family team who, with the same passion for sharing travel experiences, continue to grow and showcase the very best collection of Italian villas and travel experiences available to travellers from Australia and around the world.

Peter & Kate

Peter & Kate

  • Our wedding was fast approaching last month and I still had no idea where to do our honeymoon. When my friend told me about Apartment Serenella, I was...

    Apartment Serenella - Arezzo
  • It was my first time in Tuscany and staying in Villa Ambra is one of the best things I have done. The place is quiet and serene. It oozes with classic...

    Villa Ambra - Lucca
  • My boyfriend and I stayed at this wonderfully charming place at Lucca. The name was Villa Ninfea and it is a house that is extremely romantic. It has ...

    Villa Ninfea - Lucca
  • The first time I have set my eyes on this villa, I remember feeling surprised and amazed at the same time. For one thing, the place is so luxurious th...

    - None
  • Going to rest houses and vacation villas is definitely one of the things I won’t get tired doing over and over again. However, the thing that I don...

    Apartment Fillipo - Arezzo
  • I love outdoor swimming pools. Thus, even if I had lots of choices on a place where we can stay in Arezzo, I still chose Farmhouse Il Terrazzo. I fell...

    - None
  • My husband and I had the best time during our stay there. We had our honeymoon here and I loved it because it was pretty, clean and comfortable. Wine ...

    The Garden Cottage - Florence
  • I picked Apartment Piazza San Firenze for our stay in Florence because I loved the mix of modern and antique style of the place. But it was more beaut...

    Apartment Piazza San Firenze - Florence
  • My husband and I were looking for a much needed R&R time and we certainly achieved it during our stay in Villa Anetta. The place is utterly gorgeous! ...

    Villa Anetta - Pistoia
  • If you truly want to experience the beauty of Tuscany through Tuscan lifestyle, you might want to check out Villa Lydia. Located at Lucca, this is an ...

    Villa Lydia - Lucca