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  • Tuscan Brick wall with Roses
  • Villa Boucquillon
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  • Villa Barbara
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  • To dream of Tuscany
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To dream of Tuscany

Italian Holiday Rental Villas And Accommodation In Italy

Once upon a time, an Australian girl moved to Italy in search of ‘ la dolce vita’ (the sweet life). She fell in love with Tuscany and the Italian way of life - all the little things, the flavours and scents, the noises and habits of a country and people rich in traditions, who knew how to live a good simple life. This new life filled her with joy and she decided to share it with fellow travellers and experience seekers and so started a collection of Italian villa rentals called Ciao Italy Villas.


In 2015, Ciao Italy Villas became CIT Villas, owned and run by Peter & Kate Newsom, a family team who, with the same passion for sharing travel experiences, continue to grow and showcase the very best collection of Italian villas and travel experiences available to travellers from Australia and around the world.

Peter & Kate

Peter & Kate

  • "Tuscany itaself is so beautiful, and to combine it with staying in Castello di Matteo, made it that much more memorable. Thank you for sharing your c...

    Castle Matteo - Livorno
  • You are such a helpful, gracious host. The apartments were clean and very attractvely furnished. We were so comfortable here. We especially enjoyed si...

    Apartment Isabella - Siena
  • I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how impressed we were by the standard of accommodation at both Le Torre and Farmhouse Apartment Granaio, ...

    - None
  • I think all of us agreed it was one of the best and most relaxing holidays we have ever had. Alessandra and Steven were both charming and attentive ho...

    Debby Somerville-Cotton
    Villa Alexandra - Florence
  • I stayed at Apartment Clio together with two other friends for our Siena adventure. I just had to say that this place is pleasing in every aspect. It ...

    Apartment Clio - Siena
  • Villa Nobile is a paradise to my husband and I. Everything about this place is so beautiful and unique. It is extremely private and is adorned by Cypr...

    Villa Nobile - Lucca
  • There are several rental villas that I looked into before I went to Tuscany. I remember seeing a lot of photos from several websites, there was one th...

    Villa Biancella - Siena
  • When I first saw the rates of Apartment Isaia over the web, I really could not believe it. In fact, I thought the place is too old or not well- kept f...

    - None
  • My best friend and I went to Tuscany for her birthday and we stayed at Villa Mariano. The place is very beautiful. It has a charming garden and a love...

    Villa Mariano - Lucca
  • My husband surprised me with a cruising honeymoon after we got married last month. We were at the Motor Yacht Alessandra for several days cruising at ...

    Motor Yacht Alessandra - Grosseto