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Fly to Italy with our preferred premium airline partners including: Emirates, Quantas, Singapore Airlines, Etihad, Alitalia, Qatar and Cathay Pacific.


Rome, the Eternal city

Renaissance Florence

Romantic Venice

Magnificent Milan

Tuscany & Umbria countryside

Lake Como & the Italian Lakes

  Cinque Terre & the Italian Riviera (Liguria)

  Amalfi Coast – Capri, Positano & Sorrento

Cosmopolitan Sicily

Abruzzo – the real Italy

Puglia – the rustic south 

Ancient Matera in Basilicata 


TRY OUT A FEW ITALIAN WORDS Buongiorno, per favore, grazie, buonasera and arrivederci are all helpful greetings. ‘ciao’ is used willy-nilly in Italy especially by younger folk but, it is a casual greeting, so only use it when it has been used by a local first.

STAY COOL IN SUMMER Book a hotel with A/C (or a fan) or even a villa with pool and plan to visit outdoor tourist attractions in the cooler parts of the day. Rest indoors or in a gallery, museum or shady park during the heat of the day.

EAT GELATO every day, especially in summer.

LEAVE A TIP WITH YOUR MEAL OR APERITIF Being a waiter is a respected career choice in Italy and not a casual job. 15% is usually added to your bill in restaurants, cafes and hotels to cover service charges.

RESPECT A DIFFERENT CULTURE Wear comfortable and appropriate clothes. Italy is a Roman Catholic country and, despite what you believe, it is respectful to cover your shoulders and knees when in a church or sacred place.

KEEP AN OPEN MIND There are lots of Italians living in a very old country with lots of visitors, every day, in their backyards so to speak. There are often crowds – people trying to enjoy their holidays and locals going about their daily lives. It’s good to stay calm and be flexible. And respectful. After all, you are on holiday.

LIVE LA DOLCE VITA Ah the sweet life. Relax and savour your Italian experience. As they say, when in Rome…